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Here, we believe in working together to close the diversity gap without compromising our values. We identify the root cause of the issue instead of continuing to apply bandaids to a wound that’s never healing. We provide the resources and support necessary for women of color to start and excel in tech careers/field worldwide. To learn how we can serve you, please select the option that best describes you below.


Bridges in Tech is founded by Joanna Udo, a woman in tech who wanted to set women of color up for success, by providing a space where they can be inspired, motivated and supported…. 

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Every week, we share inspiring stories of women of color in tech, learn a thing or two from leaders, recruiters and diversity in tech allies.

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There are many ways you can support us, you can mentor, become an accountability partner, come on our podcast or recommend someone else. We know for a fact that we can’t do this alone because it takes a village to be successful at anything, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any support inquiries. 


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