career services office

Career Coaching

Get personalized guidance to help you. understand your strengths, align your career with your values, and set achievable goals. 

Career Consultation

Whether you are strategizing for a promotion, planning for a career change, or seeking insights into a particular industry, we can provide advice to guide your decisions and actions

Courses & eBooks

We’ve covered a wide range of topics to equip you with the knowledge you need to excel in the tech world. Review our list to see which one is best suited for you.


DEI Consultation

We help organizations understand and address DEI challenges so they can create a work environment where people from all backgrounds, gender, race or abilities can thrive. 

Interview Prep

This service is designed to help you prepare for your next interview, so you can show up with the confidence you need to ace it. You’ll get advice on responding common interview questions and feedback to improve your performance. 

Resume Review

With this service, you will receive constructive feedback on the contents of your resume, structure, presentation and how it aligns with the job you are applying to. We DO NOT write your resume for you.

What are Non-Member Services?

These services are available for anyone who is not currently part of our membership program. It’s perfect for you if you identify as any of the following. 

Considering a career in tech

New to tech

Looking to grow in tech

Transitioning to other areas in tech

Returning to tech after a break

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