We understand the unique challenges that companies are facing in today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving talent landscape. One of the most critical of these challenges is diversifying your tech team to better reflect the consumers you serve. 

That said, in a world where talent pipelines are increasingly competitive, and consumers are seeking more profound connections with the products and services they use, diversity within your team is more than just a checkbox – it’s a business imperative.

Why Diversify?

Reflect Your Customer Base

A diverse team ensures that your products and services will be developed and fine-tuned through a lens that more accurately represents your consumers’ perspectives and experiences. 

Boost Company Reputation 

Companies recognized for their commitment to diversity are seen as more socially responsible and are more attractive to potential employees, customers and investors. 

Increase Financial Performance 

A report from McKinsey has found that companies in the top quartile for gender or racial and ethnic diversity are more likely to have financial returns above their national industry medians. 



We can help you develop recruitment strategies that reach a diverse pool of candidates. As well as choose from our diverse pool of candidates.

Job Shadow Program

Offer opportunities for our members to gain hands-on experience in real work environments.


Show your support for diversity in tech, this can take many forms, from financial support, to providing resources or hosting events. 

Inclusive Workplace

Learn how to create an inclusive workplace culture that not only attracts diverse talent but also support their growth and retention

Membership As A Perk

Offer our membership as a perk to your team members. This not only supports their growth by giving them access to our resources and network, but highlights your commitment to DEI.


We can help you create an apprenticeship programs to provide hands-on experience. 


Encourage your team members to become mentors. Their experience and guidance can provide invaluable support to our members. 

Hire Us

We offer training and workshops on unconscious bias, inclusive leadership, and other crucial topics to help your team understand and value diversity.


We can provide a curated list of diverse candidates who match the criteria for your openings, by doing so we hope to streamline the recruitment process while still promoting diversity, equity and inclusion. You can also share your existing roles with our members.

Request Pricing for Group Membership

Want to learn more about offering our membership as a perk to your team members? Request more information here and we’ll connect with you soon.

Become A Sponsor

Demonstrate your commitment to fostering diversity in tech by becoming a sponsor. Your contribution will directly aid our mission to bridge the diversity gap.