Learn How to Build & Grow Your Tech Career

Contrary to popular belief tech isn’t for people who love math, coding and no human interaction. It is a broad field that has some room for just about anyone regardless of their experience level, background, race or gender. Our mission is to help you get hired, paid, promoted and respected in tech.

Quick Glance At How We Can Help You

We are not like any other group you’ve been a part of…

We don’t just help you find a job just because you are desperate for one now, we have programs and services through all phases of your career journey. 

Identifying Your Ideal Tech Career

Stuck in a job you hate or settled because you didn’t think you qualify for anything else?

How to Job Search Effectively

Ready for a career change and have been searching for a while? Let us help you!

The Art of Resume Writing

Getting tired of paying one too many times for resume writing services? We teach you how to write them yourself

Interview Strategies & Tips

So you landed an interview but have been out of practice for a while, we can provide guidance.

Job Offer Negotiations Strategies & Tips

So you just got a job offer and need some guidance with negotiation? We’ve got you.

Your First 90 Days On The Job

The biggest mistake most people make when they start a new job is not have a plan.

Performance Reviews & Raises

The truth is you should be prepping for your performance review year round and we can help you do that.

Leading A High Performance & Inclusive Team

We teach new leaders how to lead effectively.

There’s no better time than now…

You’ve been stagnated at your tech job for a while, done all the things you were supposed to do and seen zero to no results or you are ready for a career change and tech is all the buzz these days but you have no idea where to start or what your next move should be. You are in the exact place you need to be, let’s discover your next steps together. 

Learn by Doing

We provide opportunities to build new skill sets or practice newly acquired ones. 

From public speaking, to tech demos and everything in between we have unique hands-on programs to help you hone your skills. 

Build your portfolio

Tired of hearing that you don’t have enough experience for a job you know for a fact that you are qualified for?

We’ll help you articulate your skills and experiences at the next job interview so you can land the job you really want. If we identify any gaps we’ll create a plan to close said gap.

Achieve your goals

We don’t just ask you silly questions about your 5 year goals, we help you create SMART goals. 

We’ll create a plan to achieve your goals, hold you accountable and support you every step of the way until you achieve them. 

A note from the founder

A community like Bridges in Tech is exactly what I was searching for a decade ago when I started my tech career. I learned everything I know by trial and error. Today I am using that experience to make sure no one goes through what I did and have the tools, resources and support to make the decisions that will fast track their career growth. So if you are reading this, I hope to see you on the inside! 

Joanna Udo, Founder Bridges in Tech


You have questions, let’s see if we can answer some of them. 

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When can I access the different services?

Most of our services are available on demand and will be available to you in the member portal, some services are scheduled.

What if I'm interested in other career outside of tech?

Our programs and services are uniquely crafted for tech specific careers. 

What if I don't identify as a woman of color?

You may join our community as an ally and gain access to some of our services. 

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