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Work From Home Security 

Presentation by Rob Valerio




The Air Force wants you to hack its satellite in orbit. Yes, really



SANS – FREE Open Source InfoSec Tools

FREE Capture The Flag  

Helix3 Pro – Forensic 

Miro – Team Collaboration

Mural – Visual Collaboration   

Peerlyst – Learn InfoSec



1. Verbal Judo (Thompson)
2. Practical Malware Analysis (Sikorski and Honig)
3. Hacking Exposed (pick a version!) (McClure, Scambray and Kurtz)
4. The Cuckoo’s Egg (Stoll)
5. BTFM (While and Clark)
6. RTFM (Clark)
7. Linux iptables (Purdy) Linux Pocket Guide (Barrett)
8. Python In Your Pocket (Lutz)
9. Bash Reference (Robbins)
10. Cryptographic Engineering (The latest one with Kohno added)
11. The Book Of Five Rings (Musashi)
12. Good To Great (Collins)
13. Social Engineering (Hadnagy)
14. The Car Hackers Handbook (Smith)
15. Everyone Communicates, Few Connect (Maxwell)
16. Active Listening 101 (Hardman)
17. Anything by Tom Holt or the Late Terry Pratchett.
18. How to Disappear (Ahearn and Horan)
19. The Art of Human Hacking
20. What every BODY is saying (Federal agent stuff)
21. IT’s not all about me (@rdeeke)
22. Unmasking the social engineer and also Phishing Dark Waters (Chris H)
23. Ethical Hacking Countermeasures
24. The age of Surveillance Capitalism (Zuboff)
25. Fahrenheit 451
26. Little Fires Everywhere
27. Six Names of Beauty
28. What Got You There
29. Invisible Women
30. Daughters of Egalia
31. Brown Girl In The Ring
32. Cybercrime: The Madness Behind The Myth
33. We Have No Idea: A Guide to the Unknown (Jorge Cham)
34. Fear by Thich Nhat Hanh
35. LOVEISLIFE: The Musings of Dr. Chill