Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions so we got ahead of ourselves and answered a some of the popular questions we’ve received. If your question is still not answered please send in your question. 

Membership FAQs

What's the cost of membership?

$10 a month or $99 a year, see details here

How does Bridges in Tech use the revenue generated from membership?

To keep the lights running and help provide the necessary resources to members who desperately need them.

How can non-members support Bridges in Tech?

You can buy someone else a membership, sponsor our events, speak at our events, become a mentor, share a job posting with us or introduce us to your organization. Click here to learn more. 

What if I'm not a woman of color, can I still become a member?

Yes! Allies are welcome, see details here

What if I'm not a member? Can I still stay connected?

Yes you can join our general mailing list here. You’ll receive monthly or bi-weekly newsletters that shares upcoming events and highlights from the group. Please let us know here if you prefer monthly or bi-weekly newsletters.

Can I become a member if I am brand new to tech?

Yes, we’ve got resources for beginners and believe our network will help you land your first role in tech faster. 

I can't afford $10 a month but really want to become a member, what can I do?

Thanks to our sponsors we have a scholarship fund available and recommend you apply here to see if you qualify for a free membership. .

Helpful Information

For Women of Color

If you identify as a woman of color, please read this.

For Allies

We welcome allies to our group and encourage you to become a member.

For Employers

We offer DEI consulting and trainings. Email us for more details

For Hiring Managers

Want tips on how to attract and retain diverse talent? Download our quick guide for hiring managers here. 

For Recruiters

We’ve got a guide for recruiters too, grab your copy here and please share your job postings here.